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Judy is fantastic! She brought all of her energy, life experience and a good dose of intuition to bear in helping me find myself and grow. Although we have not been meeting very long I have made some huge positive changes in my life since working with Judy. My creativity is flowing!

— J.M.

I had the opportunity to be coached by Judy on a very focused issue, concerning parenting my teenagers. She went right to the heart of the matter, drew out my feelings on the situation, helped me find several concrete solutions for the future. I felt empowered and able to handle the sitation much better. I highly recommend Judy as a coach, because she helped me re-capture the confidence in my own parenting excellence!

— Laurene


Dear Judy,

I wanted to extend my congratulations to you, Bob, Mira and your crew on a wonderful job done this season with In The Spotlight. In this climate the arts could use support and it is wonderful that you have created such an informative program that looks at the arts with a caring eye.

We need more like you!

— Julia Drake
Director of Public Relations
The National Ballet Of Canada

Dear Judy,

Just a short note to pass on my congratulations for an excellent job with your "In The Spotlight" series.

I've been a regular viewer, and I've found the program to be both highly informative and consistenly entertaining.

I hope the program will be continued next season.

— Peter A. Herrndorf
Toronto Life

Dear Judy,

I want to thank you for having me on your show, 'For Your Information.' You are an excellent host, and you really put me at ease.

Lots of luck on your new show. I'm sure that it will be a winner.

— Shelly M. Black

Dear Judy,

"Outstanding" is the only way that I can describe your "Feeling Good" segment at The Fitness Institute! Everyone who has seen the segment has told me how wonderful it is, and I wanted to be sure to let you know what a pleasure it was for me to have worked with me.

Of the many interviews that I have taken part in, yours was one of the most professional, organized and one in which I truly "felt good" from beginning to end. You certainly know how to put everyone around you at ease and bring out the best that they have to offer.

Your natural humour, intelligence, warmth, charm and style are all most evident in the segment. You are able to convey your message in an informative yet thoroughly entertaining manner. You are certainly an appropriate "feeling good" host because you totally convey the feeling that you're feeling good about everything you're doing and presenting.

Judy, keep up the good work! I truly hope that you will have your own "Feeling Good" program in the near future, so that your viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy more of what you're capable to doing.

— Sharon Gottlieb, RD
Consulting Dietitian Nutritionist

Dear Judy,

Thanks for the great job you did on introducing stress management techniques on your recent Life Channel 'Feeling Good Report.' From the many positive comments we have received from both customers and physicians, you obviously touched a nerve in both choice of topic and how you handled it. The reviews you got from the public were outstanding, and we are rerunning your piece on TV monitor in each of our hospital outlets.

It has been clinically proven that reducing stress and "Feeling Good" is closely linked to good health. But what you've done in your enthusiastic way, is remove the clinical tone, and made these techniques "user friendly." I hope you do more such segments, and perhaps develop the Feeling Good theme into a full program… the market is certainly there. It is good healthcare, good entertainment and good television.

Thanks for mentioning General Wellbeing, but thanks for also showing thousands of viewers how to take care of their own health.

— Timothy Snellgrove
General Wellbeing

Dear Judy,

I am saddened to hear that the excelent "In the Spotlight" may be going off air. I have always found "In the Spotlight" to be an informative and entertaining program and I remember my own experience as a guest on the show with great pleasure.

— David Mirvish
Executive Producer
Royal Alexandra, The Old Vic


Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for the excellent article on Ruth Morawetz. She was absolutely thrilled with it and so was I! We both appreciated the way in which you both included so much about the growth and development of Classical Cabaret and the careful hand that Ruth had in it throughout its evolution.

I think that you really caught the "spirit" of Ruth and many people have already called the office or mentioned to Ruth in passing that they had read and enjoyed your article.

— Pat Seymour
Arts Administrator, Publicist

Classical Cabaret