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Judy Librach: Journalist and Writer


Judy wrote and reported on parenting issues for Canada AM on CTV.

She worked as a Feeling Good Reporter, writing and putting together her segments on Real Life with Erica Ehm on the Life Network.

She also did Entertainment Reporting, writing and hosting her own segments on Real Life, the first season at the Life Network.

For two seasons she was the Consumer Reporter on the Dini Petty Show on CFTO TV, writing and appearing on-air for all of her segments, both in studio and doing field reporting.

She also hosted, wrote and co-produced a half hour television talk show on Women and Cars: The New Reality for General Motors of Canada.

She has appeared as a host in an educational video for TV Ontario called Re-empowered Employees.

As well, Judy Hosted, wrote and co-produced In the Spotlight, a television series that showcased Canada's performing artists, sponsored by du Maurier Arts Ltd and broadcast by Rogers Television.

In addition, Judy wrote and hosted 26 segments of Artsbreak on Rogers Television, previews and reviews of theatre, dance and music in Toronto.

She worked as a news writer for CBC at Six and did television reports for CBC Midday.

Judy was also a television producer for CTV’s the Shirley Show, creating story ideas, interviewing panelists and writing scripts, booking guests, as a Senior Producer for several seasons.



In addition to authoring two books, The Toronto Wedding Handbook and A Love Letter to My Babies, and How To Write One To Yours, Judy has written numerous articles as a Freelance Writer for the following publications:


CJN Judy Librach
Canadian Jewish News — Life Coach Corner: a new column for 2006

your workplace magazine your workplace magazine your workplace magazine Your Workplace Magazine — a new column for 2006

Jeremy Hotz Megan Follows Ziggy
The Toronto Sun Entertainment Section — wrote many celebrity profiles

How To Marry Well page 1 How To Marry Well page 2 How To Marry Well page 3 How To Marry Well page 4
Arthur Smith
T.O. Magazine
— Contributing Editor and Writer

Sharon Gottleib page 1 Sharon Gottleib page 2 Sharon Gottleib page 3
Rita Rudner page 1 Rita Rudner page 2
Burt Raphael page 1 Burt Raphael page 2 Burt Raphael page 3 Burt Raphael page 4
Alex Eisen page 1 Alex Eisen page 2 Alex Eisen page 3 
Alex Eisen page 4 Alex Eisen page 5
Lifestyles Magazine
— wrote numerous profiles about celebrities and luminaries

Wedding Bells Magazine

The Entertainer Magazine — Freelance Writer

The Willowdale Mirror — Entertainment Critic

George Segal Albert Schultz page 1 Albert Schultz page 1 Three Penny Opera 
Les Miserables Toronto page 1 Les Miserables Toronto page 2 Les Miserables Toronto page 3 Les Miserables Toronto page 4 
Cantorial Article Haunting Cantorial page 1 Haunting Cantorial page 2 Gordon Pinsent
Rebecca Caine theatre talk  
Tonight Magazine: Managing Editor/Columnist/Theatre Critic — wrote theatre reviews, a weekly column called Theatretalk and a Celebrity Dining Column

The Montreal Gazette — Reporter (Internship)



Award winning documentary for CBC Telefest, called It has a Name: Neurofibromatosis

Winner of Best Arts Program in North America for In the Spotlight by the Hometown U.S.A. Video Festival