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Judy Librach: Speaker

Judy Siblin-Librach is often a guest speaker and is asked to introduce various celebrities, authors and luminaries, such as her recent speaking engagements where she was asked to introduce the New York Times best-selling authors Linda and Richard Eyre, and parenting experts Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish who are frequent guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She also recently gave a reading, lecture and workshop on her new book, A Love Letter To My Babies and How To Write One to Yours, which is currently in the process of being published here in Canada. She has also given numerous workshops and lectures on her book through the Jewish Family Institute.

For many years Judy was asked to give a lecture called How To Survive Your Wedding In the Nineties, based on her book, The Toronto Wedding Handbook. She would perform her humorous and informative lecture to over 20,000 brides and grooms at least ten times a year at The National Bridal Show at the Exhibition Place, and she also gave numerous lectures at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Bridal Show. As well, she was a frequent guest at the Elmwood Club's Bridal Evening every year.

To book a speaking engagement for Judy Siblin-Librach on Life Coaching, or How to Write Love Letters to Your Children, please contact Judy by email at judyelle@ican.net.